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Police will be stepping up checks on night-time speeding and DUIs. - Photo: RCIPS A week after a man was killed and three others injured in a head-on collision in George Town, police are resuming their Operation Quaker traffic enforcement measures in a bid to cut down on speeding and drunk driving at night. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said in a press release that, from Friday, 22 Oct., it will be refocusing its traffic enforcement operations to target night-time speeding and DUIs, especially in areas where serious traffic incidents have been occurring. The accident on South Church Street, near Parsons Circle, on 16 Oct., in which 37-year-old Filipino Carlos Luyang Patricio was killed , was the second fatal crash on that road this year. On 23 May, 32-year-old American Kiarah Shikale Perkins died in a collision near Palm Springs condos. Police said the renewed focus of Operation Quaker will involve an increased police presence and traffic enforcement at known hot spots, including speeding enforcement at various locations, along with vehicle checkpoints and high-visibility patrols, the RCIPS said. Superintendent Brad Ebanks said in the release, “Despite our efforts, we continue to see irresponsible and dangerous driving behaviours, particularly motorists ignoring speed limits, and passing other vehicles in inappropriate situations. These actions result in not only putting their own lives at risk, but that of their passengers and other road users. “Within a very short period this year, there has been two fatal accidents on South Church Street.


6, 2021 Australia, a major producer of fossil fuels that has long been criticized for dragging its feet on climate change, has done little this week to change that perception. At the Glasgow climate summit , Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not join an international effort to curb global emissions of methane 30 percent by 2030, a commitment shared by more than 100 nations including the United States. Australia also declined to check that strengthen its 2030 target for reducing emissions or announce firm plans to transition away from its deep investment in fossil fuel production. Mr. Morrison did sign on to an agreement to end deforestation by 2030 , offered $500 million in new funding to help neighboring countries deal with the effects of climate change and last week committed to getting his country to net zero emissions by 2050. But critics argued that his government was not acting with enough urgency, or that it was making vague commitments. Addressing the conference on Monday, Mr.


A Treasury Department proposal put forth earlier this year was designed to track aggregate deposits and withdrawals flowing in and out of millions of personal and business financial accounts. It's a factor that contributes to mounting federal deficits. While wealthy tax cheats were the target, critics say this proposal, if enacted, might have posed problems for middle- and lower-income Americans, too. The controversial plan raised concerns about privacy and overreach by the IRS. The backlash didn't subside even after the Treasury in early October narrowed the scope of the proposal to apply to bank and other financial accounts with $10,000 or more of funds flowing in and out annually,  up from a $600 balance threshold initially. A recent letter signed by 21 Democratic members of Congress opposing the plan might have sealed its fate. Yet up until the end, administration officials were digging in, trying to counter what they claimed was a misinformation campaign funded by special-interest groups. For more stories that matter,  subscribe to azcentral.com. The Treasury Department originally wanted banks, credit unions and other providers of financial services to submit information to the IRS about total inflows and outflows of all accounts with a balance above $600. As noted, amid criticism, that was changed to accounts with total inflows and outflows of $10,000 and up. Treasury officials insisted the IRS wouldn’t receive details on individual transactions but, rather, gross inflows and outflows.


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“Controlling this disease process with coronavirus and mitigating other hazards really takes all of us working together,” he said. “We all know that in the construction industry we have multiple trades working on a construction site for different companies. Coordination of efforts to make sure that we’re looking out for one another and protecting one another is important.” Ketcham added that OSHA will use the multi-employer work policy to assess how contractors are following the guidance on construction sites. Amanda Edens, deputy assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and site link health at OSHA, acknowledged that new and updated guidance can lead to confusion among federal agencies and employers. “It’s challenging for OSHA and CDC to give guidance because science changes,” she said. “And it’s challenging for employers too because they’re trying to keep up with what we’re learning as we go.” Edens said worker safety issues such as trenching and cranes have remained a priority throughout the pandemic, and topped by those related to COVID-19. “The bread-and-butter work of the agency continues,” she said. “We still have a lot of construction work to get done, even if COVID wasn’t around. But it is, so we have to do that work and do it in a COVID environment.” Timothy Irving, deputy director of OSHA’s Directorate of Construction, encouraged employers to consider the mental health needs of workers as he discussed nontraditional hazards. “OSHA might not be the first federal agency you think of when you hear about nontraditional workplace conditions – PTSD, drug use, suicide and other mental health issues,” he said.