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While drowsy driving is a major reason for crashes, locally we are seeing another problem speeding. Four people died in four separate crashes in Springfield this week. Springfield Police say speed played a factor in every one. Springfield police urge drivers to slow down after 4 deadly accidents Captain Dave Martin from the Springfield Police Department added, “These accidents they are horrific but they are preventable.” Since September 1, Springfield Police have issued 600 speeding citations and arrested over 60 drivers. But local lawmakers are calling on the state to better equip police so real change can be made. While State Representative Bud Williams told 22News, “People are really petrified and these vehicles are weapons of mass destruction, they are very lethal. Cars are a weapon.” There have been 19 deadly accidents in Springfield so far this year.


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Merrifield Hall, built in 1929, will undergo a massive renovation after the Nistler College of Busines and Public Administration is completed. (Image from Wikipedia.com) The renovations are part of UND's long-term plan to reduce its footprint by 320,000 square feet, by eventually demolishing Gamble and Columbia halls. Doing so will eliminate about $120 million in needed repairs to those buildings. “This is really exciting news for the UND campus,” said Dodds. “It's going to do a lot of great things for us – a lot of much-needed things.” Once begun, people in Merrifield will migrate to Gamble Hall during the renovations. When completed, they will move back and then work will begin on turning Twamley into a faculty office building. The project likely will get underway when work on the Nistler building is completed in the spring. DeAnna Carlson Zink, CEO of the UND Alumni Foundation, said there is a philanthropic component to the remodeling projects. Funding from the Legislature for Merrifield and Twamley halls is capped at $50 million. Zink said the team is already gearing up to reach out to donors and friends of the university for the remaining $29 million for the projects. “Our alumni love these projects where they get to partner with the state,” she said. “It's such a win-win for the university.


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